ZEturf Horse Racing, Odds, Site Review, Promotions and ZEclub

ZEturf History And License

ZEturf is a popular online sportsbook that mainly targets the horse racing scene. It is based in France. It was established in 2001 and now operates across Europe, and is available in no less than five different languages. The site’s operation is governed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

ZEturf Horse Racing

With all of its focus dedicated to horse racing, the site covers virtually every aspect of the sport of kings. Players can place bets on races across the globe, including both standard racing and trotting. Unsurprisingly, though, the main ones are in France and England.

Additionally to the standard approach of betting singles, multiples, and e-w markets, users can also dip into special events. A quick instance, the daily €10,000 offers the chance to win that jackpot for a stake of just 50p. Quite simply, any type of bet you wish to place can be achieved through this platform.

ZEturf Site
ZEturf Site

With the responsive betting slip, you can get those bets on even as they enter the stalls.

ZEturf Odds

ZEturf is not just a sportsbook, though. It is a comprehensive service that offers a player the full experience that any horse racing fan could ask for. One can check form guides, jockey changes, and the latest news all from one portal. With the additional asset of a forum, customers couldn’t ask for more in terms of research and analysis.

The sportsbook makes it very easy to follow the action. A live streaming service enables customers to watch the action unfold in real time. Also, a radio commentary service can be equally useful. For serious players, the ZEturf Pro platform offers an even greater insight into the necessary information.

ZEturf Site Review

The immediate reaction to the platform is that it looks very complex. And it is. Quite frankly, this can be a little off-putting for some punters. However, learn to stick with it, and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

ZEturf isn’t complicated but thorough, and provides virtually any information you could possible need. Of course, it will take a little time to get used to the layout and navigation. Once you do, though, that extra data and ability to control betting patterns will give you the best chance of maximum returns. Besides, the 24/7 customer care team can help you through any issues that may be encountered.

Visit the site by clicking HERE.

ZEturf Promotions

The bookie’s platform is geared towards horse racing punters, and it shows with the incredible sign-up offer. New customers will receive a total of €250 in free bets when you sign up for an account. This is staggered over five separate stages. However, anyone serious about making money from these markets will clear those fences with ease.

ZEturf ZEclub

They do not just reward new customers. All successfully registered members are automatically entered into the ZEclub, which is built to reward loyal punters. In simple terms, the more often you bet, the greater the rewards will be. If you’re winning, these benefits can take your profits to an even greater level. And if you’re losing, it’s a great way to claw back some of those losses.

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